Soul On Love Mixed by Kazahaya

Soul On Love

Soul On Love Mixed by Kazahaya

01.I’ll Still Love You
02.Your Love Is Always There
03.The Greatest Love Story
04.He Loves You
05.Could I Be Falling In Love
06.The Sweetest Love
07.If I Can’t Love You
08.Feel Like Makin’ Love
09.Love Affair
10.Yearning For Your Love
11.I Love You
12.Love Pains
13.Give Me Your Love
14.Lovin’ You Is So Easy
15.Kind Of Love Affair
16.Never Did I Stop Loving You
17.Remember The Love
18.I Love You Free Free
19.Love Space
20.Inside My Love
21.It’s A Love Thang
22.Love Me Or Let Me Be Lonely
23.Really In Love
24.No One In The World Loves You Like I Do
25.What You Won’t Do For Love
26.Oh Love
27.Sounds Like A Love Song
28.Say You Love Me

original pressing only…